EXPIRED WORLDCOIN GRANT - can you claim it?

Expired WorldCoin grants raise a common question among users: can you still claim them? For newcomers to WorldCoin, each grant on the grants tab has a specific deadline. Grants are typically available for a limited time, such as from the 26th of February to the 11th of March. It's worth noting that new grants are usually released every two weeks, with the next expected grant possibly arriving on the 12th of March.

If you fail to claim a grant before the deadline passes, as demonstrated in the video transcript, the opportunity is lost. Once the deadline, like March 11th or March 12th, has elapsed without claiming, there is no recourse to retrieve the grant. The inability to claim an expired grant is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of timely actions within the WorldCoin ecosystem.

The video creator shares a personal anecdote about missing a deadline to claim a grant, illustrating the point that once a grant expires, it becomes inaccessible. In the case described, the individual's unclaimed grants disappeared from the grants tab, indicating that missed opportunities cannot be rectified or retrieved at a later time.

The video transcript hints at a specific account behavior impacting grant availability. If a new WorldCoin account is created after a grant's deadline has passed, all previous grants become permanently unclaimable. This detail underscores the significance of time sensitivity when interacting with WorldCoin grants and reinforces the notion that missed deadlines equate to missed opportunities within the platform.

Ultimately, the practice of expiring WorldCoin grants, as explained in the video, aims to reward early adopters while encouraging timely engagement within the WorldCoin community. The system outlined reinforces the principle that prompt action is vital for users to capitalize on the various grant opportunities presented by the platform.

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