Explore GPTs in ChatGPT - what is it?

The GPT app offers a feature where users can explore various GPTs within the ChatGPT platform. By navigating to the menu section, users can easily access the "explore GPTs" option to delve into the GPTs marketplace. This marketplace is now accessible to free subscribers, providing an overview of the available offerings.

Here's a breakdown of the features and functionalities within the GPT app:

  1. Marketplace Overview:
  • The marketplace showcases the most popular GPTs, such as image generators, write for me, Canva, and Consensus.
  • An example is the image generator, which users can choose to utilize.
  • Accessing certain GPTs may require a "plus" subscription for advanced features.
  1. GPTs Statistics:
  • Users can view metrics like the number of conversations (e.g., 2 million plus conversations) associated with a particular GPT.
  • Users will also find GPTs developed by the chat GPT team, with some of them exclusively available to "plus" subscribers.
  1. Category Selection:
  • The platform offers a diverse range of categories for users to explore, each housing various GPTs.
  • Users can discover different categories and AIs within the platform, expanding their options for interactive experiences.

In summary, the GPT app within ChatGPT provides a comprehensive ecosystem for users to engage with different GPTs, offering a wide array of functionalities and opportunities for exploration. Users are encouraged to give it a try and discover the vast possibilities within the platform.

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