hello so here's izoic dashboard and how to see a revenue coming from izoic premium so this is kind of like a feature which they are promoting and then you can be invited so basically i'm just going through this article and trying to show you that you can view your premium unit via dodgeball home add partner estimated earnings view earnings report so just go to your home page tap on monetization and then you need to tap like this button in top right view earnings report then you will open this page and then here you can see the astronaut partner the zoycard partners and then that should be premium so this is just like a test site and then here you should see revenue from premium ad partners so berserk premium is an invite-only program that provides participating publishers with improved monetization advanced features api access more timely reporting and expired advice mozilla premium subscription-based service please note that the program is only available to publishers that have used the exotic period platform for extended periods of time and meet other quality criteria in addition we are only able to accept a limited number of new premium publisher per month so we are unable to accommodate many requests for participation uh premium publishers typically earn far more in additional revenue than the cost of the service and many see traffic and performance improvements as a result as well so that's that you can tap i'm interested and then just express your interest and interest in the zoid premium what do you think guys like should you upgrade have you tried it um so that the price for that service starts from like uh 25 or 28 per month that's the simplest option so for example heroes can be the pricing for uh for isaac premium it starts from 28 per month prefer 36 per month or elite and then you can um there is also estimation of premium revenue so basically the idea is you pay 20 dollars per month but you earn like 30 to 40 dollars or more revenue so basically this uh package pays for itself and for example if you pay 28 and you receive 30 dollars estimated in revenue you can earn like two dollars more per month so something like that or if you earn 40 you can earn 12 dollars more per month but of course it this this is not guaranteed if if you go there in their fake use it says is the estimated revenue increase guaranteed unfortunately now the number you see is an estimated biased upon the last 30 days since we aren't able to predict scenes like traffic gender or quality we can't guarantee that number that said we can say that if your site traffic and quality remains consistent they estimate are highly accurate what happens if you cancel your yearly izoic premium contract if you cancel a yearly account you will be charged fifty percent of the remaining amount of the contract for example if it costs hundred dollar per month in your account is three months left should we build 150. so that's that so that's basically the idea of courses for different sites you have can have different estimations i don't know how they come out these estimations like you know uh this is the main question so maybe the best idea is uh i don't know what you're seeing like maybe more experienced publishers have that might be you can try for a monthly see like for few months if it really increases your revenue if there is some kind of trend if it does of course then why not if like you know you're paying like hundred dollars but you bring in like two hundred dollars like three hundred dollars more revenue then like basically in that you earn 200 more per month or something like that so that can be yeah one way to look at it but of course if in one month you earned 200 for example more and next three months you just don't earn anything from this program then what's the point so basically that's the idea but i don't have a lot of experience it can be a really nice idea of this program but who knows so that's that

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