F3 app - find friends anonymous q&a - how to use

Here's an interesting app called F3 Find Friends Anonymous Q&A. Let's just tap "get" to install it. Double click to install. The F3 app allows users to receive anonymous photos, videos, messages, surprise friends with answers, and receive secrets, confessions, and questions. With F3, your inbox has never been so interesting. It is a social discovery app designed to help users make new friends and communicate with existing ones.

The F3 app offers the following features:

  1. Get anonymous messages and questions.
  2. Share your link with friends and let them send you anonymous messages and questions that only you can see.
  3. Express yourself by creating cool answers with photos and videos, and bring them to life with text and drawing tools.

F3 is considered as one of the alternatives to the NGL app. Signing up for the F3 app is super easy, with various options available. Users can add their age and gender, create terms of use, choose a username, and upload profile pictures. Additionally, users can select their zodiac sign and add Facebook friends by granting necessary access (which can be disabled later). Users can also specify their interests.

Once signed up, users are instantly asked to upgrade. They can create a link to share and ask interesting questions. The app provides options to share the link or copy it. However, there are multiple pop-ups that can be intrusive.

Within the F3 app, users can send messages or questions, in both text and multimedia formats. The app also allows users to hide their name, adding an extra layer of anonymity. Users can view interesting questions, check their interests, and access their messages. The app also features a "BFF game" that can be accessed by swiping. Users can personalize their account by adding their favorite song, highlights, and interests.

Similar to Tinder, the F3 app has a wide range of settings. In the settings menu, users can customize their preferences. For those who want to delete their account, that option is available at the very bottom. The app also offers an upgrade option, with pricing displayed in Danish kroner for European users.

While the F3 app may not be as simple to use as the NGL app, it provides an alternative experience for users seeking anonymous Q&A features. If you are looking for a fresh approach to connecting and communicating with friends, give the F3 app a try.

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