Face Morph app - FaceApp - how to morph faces via app?

hello everyone so recently on tick tock there is a viral app which is called face app uh it's a face morph app um yeah which you can just find here so that's how you search for it that's the name of the app i think it's actually developed in ukraine so that's where i'm from face app face editor that's the app um but let's just explore how it works so here is the app face up and on tick tock there were some viral filters uh where you can morph your selfie uh with some other celebrity or something so here for example there are a bunch of these filters and then you can just use face swap and then you can see morphine and then yeah like something like that and then you just can find celebrities so for example if i just search for kanye like here uh i can just use this photo for example and then we will see the the the man morphed with me and kanye for example um [Music] so something like that and then you can see it's actually it's pretty good so you can reverse you can again show it like this you can reverse swap so yep that's that's the idea and that's how you can do all this like uh uh face swapping uh in this app um so yeah that's that um quite interesting and i think you can do it in the free version as well and then you can just tap save it and that's it uh so yeah search for face app uh super cool app hope that is helpful and there are all these different filters in morphine so that's the face morph app i think that the people are talking about on tick tock and it just went viral on tick tock

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