FaceApp - how to use with VIDEO?

here is face up and in this app you can just morph or change your selfies but also you can do it with video uh so here is the app yeah you can just search for face app because there are a bunch of similar apps which are doing the same thing but i think this is one of the top ones um [Music] so yep then i can just show you how it works with live camera so i think it's really impressive so here i just have my camera and i can have all these filters which are applied to real time videos so look this just does this stuff for me it looks a bit weird so that's how i would look if i was younger uh so then i can just do transformation i can just do boomerang i can do hands-free and then i can just record some story so for example if i do hands-free hello hello i can just record that and then i can just save it and have this video so i just can create it uh there are also a bunch of like face morph features [Music] hollywood is just some like filter and then you can also add beard or stuff like that uh all these filters and then also you have an original here you can just upload your photos from the from your camera roll and that's about it um so that's the idea you can create really incredible uh stories and yeah uh videos for the tick tock for instagram for reals snapchat and then you can just really impress your friends with this i mean some filters are quite weird but that's what it is um so hope that was helpful thank you for watching

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