FaceApp - quick overview 2023 What has changed?

in this quick tutorial let's explore how to use fisap so yeah you can just also upload your photos or give access to your latest photos and for example here you can just edit any photo you can also tap on camera and then you can upload photo from from your camera so here you can just for example use the photo and then you can just change and use all these amazing filters in the app so here you can just see and this this app is using Ai and all of that but for example if you want to to use additional features and remove Watermark then you will need to upgrade here um so that's that um then there are settings so you can refer so you can refer a friend share your personal referral link your friend get a special offer referral friends get pro version for send dice as an extended free trial offer and then you can just use this referral link to invite more people yeah so that's basically how it works um yeah and then you can also just get it for free a bit longer um so then you can also see General and then if you want to disable watermark then you will need to upgrade unfortunately but yeah that's what it is um and then fisa Pro so unlock premium filters no watermarks no ads and yeah so that's where you can explore all these cool filters you can change the sizes you can change your features of your face you can add classic smile you can whiten your teeth uh yeah so stuff like that you can add like different hairstyles with different haircuts it's pretty cool app no or like long hair it's pretty fun app to play with skin age gender hair colors glasses face swap reshape you can add these additional filters just like Instagram crop ad in background or overlay so it's a cool app you have to to add some different filters and really just make your selfie perfect so that's basically the idea hope this can be helpful

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