FaceApp video editing is gone

FaceApp video editing feature has been removed from the app, leaving users surprised and disappointed. The popular video filters that were once available for enhancing videos on FaceApp are no longer accessible. Users who attempt to apply filters to their videos will notice that only photo filters are now available, with video filters conspicuously missing from the options.

The sudden absence of video editing capabilities has left many wondering about the reason behind this decision. The app no longer supports video editing, signaling a major shift in its functionality. It appears that FaceApp has made recent changes to its platform, leading to the removal of the video editing feature that was previously available to users.

Previously, FaceApp users had the option to edit videos using a separate video editing app within the FaceApp ecosystem. However, with the recent update, this feature has been entirely removed. The removal of the video editing tool has raised questions about whether a new app or update will be introduced to address this gap in functionality.

As users navigate the updated FaceApp interface, they are met with the absence of video editing features, prompting speculation about the future direction of the app. Whether FaceApp plans to introduce a new video editing app or incorporate video editing capabilities in a future update remains unclear. Users are advised to stay tuned for any announcements or developments regarding the video editing functionality on FaceApp.

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