FaceApp VIDEO EDITING - what you need to know - response from support

FaceApp VIDEO EDITING - what you need to know - response from support

FaceApp video editing used to be a prominent feature within the app. However, recent updates have caused confusion among users as this functionality seems to have disappeared. A recent response from FaceApp's support team shed some light on this change.

According to the response received, the development and management teams at FaceApp have decided to focus primarily on photo editing. As a result, the emphasis will be on enhancing the photo editing capabilities of the app while gradually phasing out video editing features. This decision aims to introduce more advanced processes into the photo editing aspect of the app.

Users who had previously upgraded to older versions of FaceApp may still have access to the video editing feature. This could explain why some users have reported having video editing capabilities while others do not. However, it is clarified that all mentions of video functionality have been removed from the app descriptions to prevent any misunderstanding.

The support team mentioned that FaceApp has been marketed and sold as a photo editor for the past few months. Any lingering presence of video editing features among some users is attributed to the transition period as the app shifts its focus solely to photo editing.

Despite the temporary confusion caused by older versions of the app supporting video editing, FaceApp assures that this functionality will be phased out gradually. Users are advised that video editing capabilities will eventually be removed from the app as it evolves into a dedicated photo editing tool.

In conclusion, while some users may still have access to video editing features in FaceApp due to their older app versions, this capability will be phased out in favor of a more robust photo editing experience in the future.

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