FaceApp, the popular mobile app that gained immense popularity for its AI-powered filters, has reportedly removed its video editing feature. Many users have been expressing their disappointment over the disappearance of this feature, even for those who have a pro account.

Several users have confirmed that the video editing option is no longer available after updating the app. Some users even reached out to FaceApp support, and they received a response acknowledging the removal of the video editing feature for all users. The company claimed that their intention was to hide this feature from users who rarely use it. However, they admitted to mistakenly removing it for all users and assured that it will be reinstated in an upcoming update.

Interestingly, FaceApp cautioned that the video editing feature might be removed again in the future, leaving users uncertain about its long-term availability. To access this feature, users are advised to use version 11.11.3 of the app. This version seems to be crucial for ensuring the availability of the video editing functionality.

While some users appreciated the update and accepted it as a mistake on FaceApp's part, others expressed their concerns about the company's management. Criticisms were raised regarding the discontinuation of the app's best feature, which no other app currently offers. Although some users have mentioned TikTok as an alternative, it's important to note that the functionality provided by FaceApp's video filters is unique and unmatched.

Furthermore, there have been reports of a separate app called "FaceApp Video" being available in select countries. Speculations suggest that this could be a separate app specifically for video editing purposes, but there is no official confirmation or clarity from the company about this development.

To clarify the confusion surrounding the version requirement, it is recommended to install version 11.11.3 of FaceApp to ensure the presence of the video editing feature. However, it should be noted that even users with the latest version, such as 11.11.4, have reported mixed results regarding the availability of the feature.

In conclusion, it's understandable that FaceApp users are frustrated by the removal of the video editing feature, which seemed to be a significant aspect of the app's appeal. While efforts are being made to reinstate the feature through future updates, it is essential to monitor the situation closely. Users are encouraged to update their app and provide feedback regarding the availability of the video feature in the comments section.

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