FaceApp Video - some users still have it

Some users of FaceApp are still able to access the video editing feature, despite the app's move towards focusing solely on photo editing. The support team of FaceApp confirmed that while video editing may still be available to some users, it will eventually be phased out from the application.

According to the support team, the video editing feature is likely accessible to users who are on older versions or have not yet upgraded the app. This explains why there are still videos circulating on platforms like TikTok that showcase the video editing capabilities of FaceApp.

However, new users of FaceApp do not have access to the video editing feature as it has been discontinued for them. The app's new main focus is on photo editing, and the company has made it clear that they will only be concentrating on enhancing this aspect moving forward.

The decision to shift away from video editing and emphasize photo editing aligns with the app's original intent of being a photo editing tool. The support team emphasized that FaceApp will continue to function as a photo editing app, maintaining its core functionality while gradually phasing out video editing.

In conclusion, users can expect FaceApp to remain dedicated to photo editing, with video editing capabilities being gradually removed from the application. For further information, users can refer to the support statement provided by FaceApp.

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