Facebook Groups channels - new feature overview

one of the Facebook group channels so it's a new feature which was just uh announced and released recently um so admins or Facebook groups can create channels to connect with their groups in more casual settings with their communities to have more focused discussions so there are three types channels that admins can create chat audio and feed so here is some example so where if you are managing a Facebook group you will be able to create like a audio Channel or some other type of channels I just mentioned and then you will be able to have that yeah of course depending how it's called and then when you join a chat you'll be able to send messages and receive notifications if the chat becomes full and your inactive you might have to join again so it's kind of like Facebook it wants to take some of the features from Discord or some like similar features from Discord uh once you create a chat you can name it and decide if you want it to be invite only um lastly Community audio channels we let admins and members jump in and out of other conversations in real time admins can begin to create

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