Facebook is testing NFTs in the app

so here are some news so Facebook begins testing nfts we select creators in United States so basically uh the idea is that uh now some creators um on Facebook not on Instagram on Instagram it was previously basically on Facebook will be able to post nfts and these nfts non-frangible tokens will have links so and there are some screenshots already how it might look like at the moment this feature is vary in early stages so it's just forward selected creators on Facebook app uh so here you can see we are launching nfts on Facebook excited to share what have been working on with the world um so that's the idea so here you can see like that's how they can look like and you will see uh uh when you post it on Facebook it will just say digital collectible people can react to it and then you can click on it and I think mostly it's minted on polygon and ethereum and yeah then you will be redirected user I guess to open C or see some more detailed information about it um before earlier it was also launched on Instagram so that's kind of the idea hope it is helpful

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