Facebook logged me out - what is happening?

Users across various platforms are reporting being unexpectedly logged out of Facebook, prompting questions about the cause of this widespread issue. The problem seems to be affecting not only Facebook but also Instagram, as highlighted in a recent video where the narrator notes that both platforms appear to be down. Users experiencing this issue may encounter error messages such as 'wrong password,' 'session expired,' or simply finding themselves logged out without being able to log back in.

The situation appears to be widespread, with users unsure of when normal service will be restored. The video transcript suggests that the issue may be impacting several other platforms like Shreds, Xapp, and Gmail, indicating a potentially wider problem in the tech ecosystem that goes beyond just Facebook and Instagram.

This disruption highlights the interconnected nature of popular online platforms and services, emphasizing the potential ripple effects of technical issues. Users are advised to monitor official channels for updates and hope for a swift resolution to this inconvenience.

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