Facebook “session expired” - is fb down right now?

If you see the message that session expired in Facebook right now, it's just because Facebook is down and some people are logged out and they just can't log back in. So this is not that you are kicked off your account or someone hacked your account. No, this is just Facebook is literally down when this video is posted. So you can use apps like Down Detector and just double check when it's back up. So right now, Facebook is still down badly. It's kind of recovering slowly, so the issue should be solved soon, but it's not solved yet. But yeah, a bunch of other apps are down like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, yeah, Google even, Discord. So hopefully it will be back up again soon. So yep. Thank you.

If you are currently experiencing issues with accessing Facebook and other apps, here are some steps you can take:

  • Check for updates on the status of Facebook and related apps on platforms like Down Detector.
  • Avoid attempting to log in repeatedly if you encounter the "session expired" message, as this is likely due to the ongoing outage.
  • Stay informed through official channels or social media accounts providing updates on the situation.
  • Consider using alternative communication methods or platforms until the issue is resolved.

Stay patient and informed as the technical teams work on resolving the downtime. Remember that outages can happen, and the services should be back online soon. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

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