FANCY THEMES APP - how to install widgets on iPhone?

so fancy themes app is quite popular app which helps you to customize your iphone on the next level where you can select themes uh including icons wallpapers and widgets then you customize widgets i only get these today oops sorry and then you have icons but the cool part about this app is that it's one of the few apps where you can really you know customize your widgets not only icons and wallpapers to do that just go to the videos tab second from the left and then you can select category minimalist cartoon dark nostalgia color palette nature or you can just select all function there are not that many functional videos i must say so there is only clock you can have this kind of clocks displayed on your home screen you can have date you have calendar uh you have mix of date and calendar or something like that and clock countdown so for example to some date steps quotes uh images and battery so uh that's basically it uh size smaller medium so what to do if i want to display a clock widget so i can tap and set widget okay this says it's a premium widget uh i can actually watch the ad and unlock it but yeah here for example i can see that some widget is free i can set it and i it just was set to my uh it was just downloaded to my uh photo camera roll and then also i can edit widget and change a bit of a background color or something like that uh and then uh yeah so that's what i can do um anyhow now to install it uh you just go and tap and hold you will see apps jiggling tap on plus icon and then you can just tap fancy themes and then you can install either smallest widget you can install horizontal widget and then you can install uh yeah fancy themes do it yourself medium okay so i just installed this and then tap and hold and then edit widget and then i can choose one of the widgets so previously i selected just image cat image and then now i also have a clock and that's it and now it just takes some time and there you have it now i installed this widget so that's basically the idea of it that's how it works um and now you you can also install other widgets in the in the same way but for some of them you need to upgrade and it's not cheap it's 699 6.99 per week not per month so it's around like 30 bucks per month so yeah that's a lot uh but you have access to thousand plus widgets icons and wallpapers and actually if uh yeah also you can just watch ads and actually if uh uh yeah if you care about like having a really authentic phone you can just yeah it's not maybe that much to really stand out with your look on your phone which is quite important anyhow i hope that is helpful thanks for watching

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