Fantasy Hike app - how to save quest or load quest?

In the Fantasy Hike app, there is a feature that allows users to easily manage their quests. By going to the settings option located in the bottom right corner of the app, users can save their quest progress to a file. This file can then be loaded onto another device, ensuring that your progress is never lost.

The ability to save and load quests is a convenient feature for users who may switch phones or devices. It eliminates the need to start from scratch and allows them to continue their quests seamlessly. With some quests taking years or months to complete, this feature becomes even more valuable.

It is worth noting that it is unclear whether an account is required to use this feature. It is possible that the app operates independently without the need for an account. However, for users for whom completing their hike is crucial, it is advisable to save their quest regularly. This way, they can load it onto any device and resume their journey without any setbacks.

To ensure the safety of your quest file, it is recommended to save it to a cloud storage service such as iCloud or Google Drive. This way, it is accessible from any device and not dependent solely on your phone. By utilizing a cloud storage service, you can guarantee that your progress is securely backed up and can be easily retrieved whenever needed.

The Fantasy Hike app offers a convenient solution for quest management, allowing users to save and load their quests effortlessly. Whether you are a casual hiker or a dedicated adventurer, this feature ensures that your progress is always safe, even when changing devices. So, go ahead and embark on your quest, knowing that the app has your back.

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