FeelM Live Chat - quick overview

here is the app called filam live chat so let's just explore it uh yeah it's it's it's climbed in the top charts in social networking there are so many real time apps here in yeah so you can just explore all of them but yeah just be careful sometimes these apps are pretty spammy but some of them can be good so let's just explore it you can allow notifications and creating an account pretty straightforward you can just sign in with Apple or Google it's not possible to sign in with your uh okay so since it's already unavailable okay let's just try my previous Google as you can see it's still uh yeah it's it's quite buggy unfortunately so yeah this app made it into the top charts but then I think it's uh it only has 141 ratings and that's what it is it's it I think it's not finished it requires a bit more work um so that's what it is

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