Fifa22 app - can’t swap duplicate player

so fifa 22 uh companion app still has some bugs and yeah there are some glitches and issues i'm just scrolling here through the reviews and through some comments in this app some person replied back in july that new updates three days ago and yet i still can't swap a duplicate player in club ps1 in the transfer list without crashing so i can't clear my unassigned players efficiently i have to assume that if ea actually wanted to make it easier for players to manage their clubs this would be fixed but year's goal is to make me spend more money on this game despite the terrible gameplay this year so uh so yeah that's basically the review like two out of five stars i i don't like this a want you to buy fifa coins but that was like four years ago like this app is basically the same app but this is the new fifa version is just there making updates inside of the app but still there are so many bugs um so there you have it uh yeah you can always try to reach out to the app support like here in the bottom you can just try to do that uh but hope maybe that can be helpful

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