did you know that finally with the latest version of locket widget you can edit your full name so just tap on your profile in top right tap on edit info and then from there you can just edit your first name and last name and edit your name and tap save and I think you can just do it many times there is no limitations it's still not possible to change profile picture though it's it's a bit annoying I don't know how it's why is that probably should be just tied to your profile picture from your contacts because uh yeah I see that for for my friends for example I see that yeah my image is just just what I see in uh in iPhone contacts so if I have some Avatar in my iPhone contact as you can see it will be reflected here so just change that profile image there which should be tied to your phone number and that should work anyhow hope this is helpful enjoy the updated version so just update to the latest version as I upload this video and you should be able to change your full name finally

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