Find My Friends: Phone Tracker - app overview

here's interesting app called find my friends font tracker so it it recently got actually in the top chart of the US App Store as you can see number 14 right now in the social networking category and that main purpose of this app is that you can stay connected with your family and friends at all times as you anyone to know where they are when you need them use the real location of your friends or family members on the map finds out travel history can instant notification once they arrive at a certain place to leave it make your favorite places on the map using presets um yeah so that's the app uh yeah there are like so many apps like this you you can say um there is Live 360 there is like original Apple app like find my iPhone but okay that's not exactly the same but there you have it uh yeah it's very useful to know sometimes where your family and friends are located um so that's basically that and then yeah you can just you need to wait until it downloads I think yeah this app is pretty large so it's like 173 megabytes there is a free trial you can see details [Music] and it's 49.99 per year that's just like a yearly subscription you have here so yeah something like that let's stay connected to your friends and family so open it up and then you can just tap continue continue otherwise using the app you need to give some permissions you can send some notifications app tracking it's not uh yeah you don't need that only if you want to help like app Developers and then yeah you can just uh tap the name about to change it so that will be your phone and then you can just add members so for example you can give permission to add your contact list then yeah then you just created your account you can rename your phone uh you can see your places uh you can't yeah but enable battery sharing you can enable circles um yeah so yeah if you want to to enable uh premium and receive device notification unlimited notifications like get notified because when your friends in your places you created Place tracking add places for each of your friends and get notified location archive devices unlimited notifications so all of that so yeah you can also enable those and then there are some settings so yeah you can change your profile picture for example something like this and yeah so kind of pretty cool app uh definitely give it a try I think it's just one of the competitors to live 360 and some other apps you can create new Circle which is basically a circle of your friends and family so which can be just enabled here and yep so something like that um so definitely give it a try interesting app thank you for watching

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