Fing - network scanner - app overview

here is think network scanner app so let's just tap to install it and then you can see uh yep that now you can install the app and this app is recently in top charts uh it helped 40 million users worldwide to understand who's on your wi-fi is someone stealing your wi-fi and broadband have been like is your network secure like other hidden cameras is in the back and bedroom i'm staying in why netflix has started buffering uh so this is the the uh number one network scanner app and i think this app is uh like is getting popular because someone posted a tweet recently which went viral that they were renting a place in hotel and this place or airbnb i guess and this airbnb was full of hidden cameras uh like that was the the person tweeted about it and like you never know if uh yeah if you're for example renting airbnb and you know the host puts some hidden cameras so it some people report that it's for real like this stuff can happen and basically this thing app is one of the apps which can help you out so if you're in the hotel in the room you can scan the wi-fi and then you can identify all the devices which are connected to this specific wi-fi so that's i guess the idea of the app so yeah super interesting so let's just open it up and now let's just browse around um yeah what can be here uh welcome to theme you need to agree okay so now account required uh you can do it later uh so then how do you approach technology and then here it is so now it's automatically gets your wi-fi and then i can just tap scan for devices and then i can see all the devices which are on this network i can start monitoring it and that seems right so currently i have apple tv connected i have this iphone and i have what's a router um and yep so that's basically that um so yep that's basically the idea you can refresh um and yeah if for example if you're traveling if you're staying in a hotel or something you would see usually cameras they are connected via wi-fi here so then you can just check and refresh it and check out if there are any cameras on this network so that's quite interesting and yeah so that's the idea you also can troubleshoot your network you can see outage you can check out com communities there are some latest disc discussions there is also like community where you can uh you know discover all the things then there is your account he here you can see you can see all the settings and then you can also so it's very useful helpful app even in your own apartment house to check all the settings and become more knowledgeable about your wi-fi your network uh you can create account there is things think support where you can reach out so yeah that's about it hope it is helpful thank you for watching

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