Flashfood app - how to create an account? Quick overview

here's interesting trending app called Flash Food grocery deals so this is the app which can help you to find some really interesting deals on food um yeah and save you money and also think about you know like stability and sustainability and not wasting food that much but of course you can also just save money here by purchasing some food from supermarkets and some grocery stores which I think yeah let's let's just create an account first um so let's just figure out what you can so yeah um like this app obviously is only available in United States or think like that area so just for this tutorial let's let's explore so for example if you have um like this food this store you can just go here um and then yeah basically you can see some uh some products for example uh like you can see some blueberries and they are expiring today so you see this product is basically like expiring uh today or like in few days and you just need to pick it up like super fast uh otherwise it will they will just throw it out so yeah that's basically what you can try that's basically the idea of the app and then you can just calculate your savings of course all these products are much cheaper if uh they're not expiring like in a few days but yeah it just depends uh I think there are still of course they are still good to consume but they can expire like tomorrow or something like that so you just need to be in that spot and just drive by it and pick it up in Europe there is another app also in us too good to go where you can also find some cafes and restaurants which are basically have some leftover food but which is still good and they they just put it out and if you want you can just drive around and pick it up other also this app you you can try it out as well so yeah that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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