Flashfood: Grocery Deals app - how to use? Overview

Here's our what is flash food app is grocery deal. So let's just Try to download it And see how it works. I Think this episode will mostly in US and Canada Yeah, and then this is the the cool app to save a lot on your grocery bills and you can just Give is the help of this app find some leftover groceries or something like that at incredible discounts So something like fruit vegetables meat fish bread Flash food shows you nearby grocery stores is up to 50% savings on the regular priced food near and It's best by date so yeah, if you you know, if you see a supermarket like sometimes it says like this product will expire in three days or All of that I can if no one buys it's able just throw it out But they offer it also for you to just buy it as well and not waste this this food So it's also a good app not only from the point of saving money But also from like, you know, like some climate action and reducing waste and all of that So pretty nice idea. There is similar app called Too good to go So to create an account you can just tap continue with Apple and then you can just sign in Okay, so there is some issue with that but anyhow you can also just continue as a guest So, yeah, as I said probably this app is only available in the US and in the UK So you will be able to use it here So for example in New York you can just go and browse some stores and then just find some Discounts here so then you can just go to the store for example, and then You can find some, you know deals Which you can get out and instead of paying like $6.99 you can pay like $3.49 and you can just find the list of products which are kind of expiring and then you can just you know drive on your car and Pick it all up like it's 50% discount and then you can see when is it open and all of that. So Yeah, that's basically the idea of the app That's how it might work So pretty cool if you live not far from that place You can actually save some good money and if you're doing a lot of grocery shopping There's definitely the app where you can save some money and all of that

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