Flo app class action lawsuit - what you should know

A recent video transcript has shed light on a class action lawsuit pertaining to the Flo app. Users who utilized the Flo app and the Period Tracker app between June 1, 2016, and February 23, 2019, are potentially part of the proposed class.

The lawsuit alleges that Flo app collected, tracked, and sold sensitive personal information of its customers to third parties without their consent, which contradicts the app's privacy policies and contractual terms. Furthermore, it is claimed that Flo failed to meet the reasonable privacy expectations of its users, both at common law and statutory levels.

The violation of personal reproductive health information, which was promised not to be disclosed, has caused significant harm to individuals. The unauthorized disclosure of such intimate details has led to the exposure of millions of Canadian app users' health information to corporate entities for profit. As a result, the proposed class members have suffered losses and damages.

As the case progresses, further details will be made available. Users affected by this issue may anticipate future updates regarding potential financial compensation or related developments.

Key points to note about the Flo app class action lawsuit:

  • Users of Flo app and Period Tracker app between June 1, 2016, and February 23, 2019, may be part of the proposed class.
  • Allegations include the unauthorized collection and sale of sensitive personal information.
  • Privacy policies and contractual terms were allegedly breached by Flo app.
  • Millions of Canadian app users' health information has been sold for profit without consent.
  • Proposed class members have experienced losses and damages as a result of the disclosed health information.

For more information and updates on this ongoing lawsuit, users are encouraged to monitor developments related to this case closely.

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