Flora app SharkTank - how to apply referral code to get a free month

Hey there, so here's Flora app. So how to use Shark Tank reward. So this is the app which was featured in Shark Tank so you can just find it by Flora plant app Well, so here it is and basically it was featured in Shark Tank and now they offer Flora shark Coupon to get a free month on the monthly subscription plan.

So, yep. Thanks for reaching out to the team and I was not sure where to enter it. There is no input field there but it just says the discount code is automatically loaded into the shopping cart and you can save an additional 15% by signing up for text updates and that code will be sent directly to your phone to be used during checkout.

So basically, it just says, as I understand it, if you upgrade to the weekly plan, you should automatically be given an additional one free month. And then, if you use text updates, it also gives you an additional 15%. So if you just go to your settings, then to the Plan section, you can see an option for one month.

Seems if you just upgrade to that, you can tap continue for free and then you can try to do this. But it seems it still tells me something about a big free trial. So I'm just a bit uncertain about that. At least you can try that, but anyhow, I think that's just what their support replied.

So, if you really want this app, you can give it a try.

Here are the main steps to apply the Flora SharkTank reward code for a free month on the monthly subscription plan:

  1. Go to the Flora app settings.
  2. Navigate to the Plan section and choose the one-month option.
  3. Upgrade to the one-month plan.
  4. Tap "Continue for free" to apply the SharkTank referral code.
  5. Additionally, sign up for text updates to save an extra 15%.

At first, the process may seem unclear, but following these steps should lead you to successfully apply the referral code and enjoy a free month on the Flora app's subscription plan.

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