Flora plant app - how to get a free month via referral code?

FloraPlant app, which was featured on Shark Tank, is currently offering a referral code, FloraShark, that allows users to get a free month on their monthly subscription plan. This special offer presents a great opportunity for users to experience the app's features without any cost for a whole month. If you are contemplating trying out the FloraPlant app, now might be the perfect moment to do so.

For those interested in taking advantage of the FloraShark referral code, the process is fairly straightforward. Simply input the code "FloraShark" (all uppercase) while signing up or subscribing to the app, and enjoy a complimentary month on the monthly subscription plan. It's a deal worth exploring, considering the benefits it offers to users.

However, some users have expressed confusion regarding where to enter the Flora app reward code within the app. Despite searching throughout the platform, some users have been unable to locate the designated field for entering the code. It appears that the option to input the referral code is not easily accessible, leading to uncertainties among users.

As a result, users have been left wondering about the specific location within the app where they can enter the FloraShark referral code. This issue has sparked discussions among users who are seeking clarification on how to redeem the free month offer through the app.

If you are planning to try out the FloraPlant app and have successfully redeemed the FloraShark referral code, consider sharing your insights in the comments section below. Your input could help fellow users navigate the process of claiming their free month on the app's monthly subscription plan.

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