FollowMeter for Instagram - app preview

so here is the app which is called follow meter for instagram and this is a nice app to track and followers for free and more um so here you can see it so for example you can just see who unfollowed you on instagram and then there are all the addition additional features and analytics like you can not only track on followers but just see people who are not following you back so you follow them but they're not following you back then you can see all the secret admirers top likers top commenters zoom profile pictures track blockers multiple accounts and much more you can find out who are um secret admirers are so it means like people who gave likes and comments but don't follow you on instagram uh see who is watching stories and not following you see your total likes and comments get notified when someone blocks you all of that and then that's this app is in the top charts in the us app store so you can just open it up so then you just need to add your account and then you just need to log in with your instagram account here yep so something like that so i will try to do that and then and then i will create another video

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