Fonts Art - Keyboard for iPhone - how to use?

Fonts Art - Keyboard for iPhone: How to Use?

Are you tired of the same old fonts on your iPhone keyboard? Do you want to add a bit of flair and creativity to your messages, Instagram profile, and even your iPhone home screen? Look no further than Fonts Art - an innovative keyboard app that allows you to customize your text with a wide range of fonts and designs.

With Fonts Art, you can choose from a vast collection of fonts to spice up your conversations and make your messages aesthetically pleasing. You can even try out the magic of the font maker, where you can draw each character in your own handwriting to create a fully customized design. Adding a personal touch to every message has never been easier.

Fonts Art doesn't stop at just messaging. It's also a great tool for enhancing your social media profiles. Use stylish fonts and highlights to create engaging captions and eye-catching bios. With Fonts Art, your social media presence will stand out like never before.

Now, let's talk about how to install and use Fonts Art on your iPhone. First, open the app and allow tracking or any necessary permissions. You'll then have the option to choose between a free trial or upgrade to a yearly plan. Keep in mind that the weekly plan does not offer a free trial.

Once you've created your account, navigate to your iPhone settings and find the Fonts Art keyboard under the Keyboard section. Enable the keyboard and choose whether you want to grant full access. It's important to note that by allowing full access, the developer can transmit anything you type, including previously typed content. Consider your privacy preferences before making this choice.

With the Fonts Art keyboard enabled, you can now start using the app. You can select from a wide range of pre-designed fonts, or you can let your creativity shine by creating your own font. Simply enter the font name and tap to create it. Stand out from your friends and become an influencer by using your own personal font.

Now, let's talk about how to use your fonts in text. Go to the sticker fonts tab, type your text, and tap "create sticker." From there, you can copy the sticker and paste it into your messages or Instagram stories. As a sticker, your customized text will look unique and eye-catching.

Fonts Art offers more than just font customization. You can fine-tune your text with AI-powered spell and paraphrase checks, as well as convert text to emoji. Experiment with different font styles and see how your text transforms. You can create poems, copy and save your text, and even create your own stories using the app's templates.

In addition to font customization, Fonts Art also offers other features, such as the ability to install your own theme and use your own font for icons and widgets. The app provides a variety of keyboard themes to choose from, allowing you to personalize your iPhone experience even further.

To ensure your font creations are available across devices, it's recommended to sign up and not lose your progress. Fonts Art offers a subscription plan that unlocks additional features, such as almost 300 fonts, Instastory templates, Insta covers, font maker, homescreen theme styles, and switches with quotes. While the free version of the app may contain ads, upgrading to the premium version removes them.

Fonts Art is a standout app in the market. While there are numerous apps that allow customization of themes, wallpapers, icons, and widgets, there are relatively few apps that provide the ability to create your own font. Fonts Art stands as the market leader and offers a powerful and unique way to customize your text.

Please note that Fonts Art is currently only available for iPhone users. For Android users, alternatives may be available.

So, if you're looking to add some artistic flair to your messaging and social media, why not give Fonts Art a try? Explore its expansive font collection, create your own font, and make your text truly stand out. Upgrade to the premium version for access to additional features and take your customization to the next level.

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