Forem app - what is it? Mobile app for

The Forem app is a mobile application designed for, a popular community for developers. With this app, users can easily discover and access various forum communities based on different interests. While popular websites like dev2 can be accessed through a browser on the internet, using the Forem app provides a more convenient experience.

Many users, including myself, find it beneficial to have all these smaller, specialized communities easily accessible in one place. The app allows for seamless switching between different forum communities, making it a great tool for those who enjoy exploring diverse topics and engaging with like-minded individuals.

It's worth noting that the Forem app integrates numerous communities, although the exact number is uncertain. Many websites, such as ops community and dev community, are already utilizing this app, making it a comprehensive platform for forum interaction.

One of the advantages of using the Forem app is the improved readability it offers compared to browsing websites on a mobile browser. Although access through a desktop browser may still be preferred by some, the convenience of the app cannot be denied.

If you're interested in exploring various forum communities and having them all conveniently accessible in one place, then the Forem app is worth considering. By installing this app, you can enjoy an enhanced experience when engaging with your favorite forums.

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