Forex Trading School & Game App - overview

here's interesting app called Forex Trading school and game this is the trading school for beginners it's quite popular app so you can see it's it's trending in education category uh and here you can just discover all of these different tools uh trusted by 700 000 plus uh satisfied students you can see some different patterns you can see some Advanced trading strategies um you can see some yeah uncarded person worth trading hours top 16 chart Parsons every Trader should know so all of these things is like pretty cool uh and then you can just discard it in the app this app just made by Forex choose your language so there's analysis five languages let's just start PC English you can test yourself test your skills with the quiz test your knowledge is our fun quiz earn more game money with every correct answer and then you can just let's start um so here is this cool you can go for example introduction and then just read all of these uh that is just basically a lot of reading so yeah for example you can just read all of this uh and then yeah if you want you can easily sign in and create your account so that's just like a super easy and then uh you can leave and then you can take some quizzes then you can just see some tools but you need to to learn more and then you can see some brokers um this is just an advice you can see here you can see Market hours uh uh best time so yeah that's basically the idea uh what you can see here uh yep so something like that so definitely interesting app you can see your results and then you can see a lot of that hope that's helpful definitely give it a try to this app

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