FOTORAMA - AI PHOTO GENERATOR - HOW TO USE? Full overview with upgraded version

FOTORAMA - AI PHOTO GENERATOR - HOW TO USE? Full overview with upgraded version

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the FOTORAMA app, a popular AI photo generator app. I will show you how to use it, its features, and whether it's worth upgrading to the latest version. Developed by one of the top app developers in the industry, who has also created viral apps like Genie, AI Chatbot, and Vocaloid Remover, FOTORAMA is a powerful tool for generating AI-driven photos.

To begin using the app, you need to upload a minimum of 12 photos to train your AI model. Carefully read the instructions provided within the app, as the quality of your input photos greatly affects the output results. Some key factors for high-quality photos include clear faces, good angles, professional expressions, and a clear background.

Here are some "do's and don'ts" to consider:

  • Use good quality photos with clear faces and a person looking directly at the camera.
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses, taking photos with a bland background, or using heavy makeup.
  • Provide a variety of photos taken on different occasions, in different environments, and with different backgrounds.

Once you have uploaded your photos, the training process begins. It's worth noting that FOTORAMA requires a subscription to use the app, with a yearly cost of 350 Danish krona. Unfortunately, there is no one-time payment option available. However, if you only wish to generate AI avatars, there are alternative apps that allow for a one-time payment of around $4 or $5.

After upgrading, FOTORAMA provides valuable feedback on the uploaded photos. It notifies you if any photos are deemed as invalid or if there are duplicates. This feature ensures that your money is not wasted on subpar results, and prompts you to upload better-quality selfies for improved AI-generated photos.

Once the photos are uploaded and the model is trained, you can fill out your name, gender, and ethnicity within the app. After a short waiting period, your AI-generated photos will be ready. FOTORAMA stands out from other similar apps due to its advanced analysis of uploaded photos, offering suggestions on improving photo quality right from the start.

It's important to remember that FOTORAMA requires a subscription to access all of its features. There are only weekly or yearly subscription options available; no lifetime deals are offered. If you plan on using all the different filters in the future or intend to use the app frequently, the yearly subscription might be the more cost-effective option for you.

While your model is being trained, you can continue exploring the app. The estimated training time is approximately 58 minutes, though times may vary. The app allows you to enable notifications for when your model is ready. Once prepared, you can then generate similar AI photos based on your preferences.

To enhance your generated photos, FOTORAMA offers a range of fixing and enhancement features. You can also choose to enable or disable watermarks. Additionally, you can delete unwanted photos and easily share the ones you like. The app allows you to create professional-looking photos suitable for CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and other purposes.

It's important to note that each AI-generated photo in FOTORAMA is unique and of high quality. The app continuously works to capture the perfect shot. With the ability to apply different styles and filters to your model, you can create a variety of photos without any additional charges.

In conclusion, FOTORAMA is an interesting and advanced AI photo generator app. While it may have higher expectations for the quality of the photos uploaded, it strives to deliver precise and impressive results. With its range of features and the ability to customize your generated photos, FOTORAMA offers a unique experience in the world of AI-driven photography.

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