Fotorama app - how to generate AI portraits?

The Fotorama app offers an intriguing feature - the ability to generate AI portraits. In this brief video transcript, we will explore how to make the most of this AI-powered functionality.

To get started, the first step is to upgrade the Fotorama app. Once that is done, you can proceed to generate your AI model. This involves uploading approximately 12 selfies, each with different backgrounds, lighting conditions, and facial expressions. Admittedly, this process can be somewhat complex due to the app's stringent requirements.

Once you have successfully created your AI model, the fun part begins. You can now select the style you desire for your photos to be generated in. Once you've made your selection, you simply need to tap on the "take a similar photo" option. In a matter of seconds, the app will generate a series of photos based on your AI model and chosen style.

From here, you have the opportunity to assess the results. You can review how the generated photos look and make any necessary adjustments. The app offers features to fix and enhance the images to ensure they meet your expectations. Once you are satisfied with the final product, you can save and share your artwork as you please.

It's important to note that while the Fotorama app offers a wide range of elements to play with, the overall quality of the generated portraits might not be as refined as some other apps on the market. Users have suggested that other apps such as Epic produce more visually appealing outcomes. However, Fotorama compensates for this with its diverse set of features and options.

In conclusion, the Fotorama app presents an opportunity to explore AI-generated portraits. With a few steps involving the creation of an AI model and the selection of desired styles, users can generate their own unique photos. While it may not be perfect, Fotorama offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance and customize your AI portraits. Give it a try and see what fascinating creations you can produce!

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