Four app - Buy Now, Pay Later - how to use

Here is an interesting app called 4, buy now pay later, shop now pay later, this is one of those alternatives for Affirm app or for Klarna app, so if you want to explore some alternative apps for this program, just take a look.

4 makes shopping a breeze, buy what you love today and split the cost into 4 equal interest-free payments every 2 weeks. With 4, shop your desired products and manage your orders easily in the app. 4 makes your shopping experience hassle-free and convenient. With 4, you can shop now and pay later at all your favorite stores. Keep track of all your orders, payments, and payment history. Make and manage payments in the app. Manage your payment methods and get notified before a payment is due.

So yep, here you can just take a look at that and then here you can just open up the app and then you can just create an account. Here you will just have it here, you can contact support. It's not possible to sign in via Apple or Google and then you can just browse the retailers. You know it makes sense to use this kind of app because maybe Affirm or Klarna are not available in all retailers. So maybe there are some better deals with this one. So you just need to know maybe like which retailer you want to use and yep, for example, you want to just and then unfortunately yep you still need to create an account here. So, yep, but that's basically the idea. You can see the list of retailers, so, yep, that's the process and then you can just easily search here. So, yep, give it a try.

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