Free scan doesn’t work in Umax app - EVEN AFTER INVITING FRIENDS…

The UMAX app, known for its free scan feature, has been causing quite a stir among users lately. Despite the promise of a complimentary scan after referring three friends, many users are reporting that the feature simply doesn't work. This has sparked frustration and confusion among the app's user base, prompting them to seek answers from various platforms, including internet forums and video comments.

To shed some light on this issue, there are a few steps users should take to ensure they are maximizing their chances of getting the free scan. First and foremost, make sure to tap the redeem button. It may seem simple, but overlooking this crucial step could be the reason behind the feature not working.

Additionally, recent changes in the app have altered the referral requirements. Instead of three friends, users now need to invite five friends to unlock certain features. Specifically, in the "10 out of 10" feature, five out of five friends need to be invited, while in the facial simple analysis feature, three friends need to be invited. This distinction adds a layer of complexity to the process, contributing to the confusion surrounding the app's functionality.

The UMAX app's implementation of these referral features seems to be a bit convoluted. It's understandable why users are experiencing frustration. However, there have been instances where the free scan feature worked successfully. Some users, including myself, have managed to initiate a free face scan after inviting three friends and tapping the redeem button. It is worth noting that this success was observed in the past, and changes may have been implemented since then.

Considering the mixed feedback from users, it is important to consider potential factors that may affect the feature's functionality. It's possible that there could be a bug in the app or discrepancies in users' friend referrals. It's essential to double-check that friends have indeed created new accounts using your code and to restart the app after inviting five friends if the initial attempts were unsuccessful.

In conclusion, the UMAX app's free scan feature has been posing challenges for users, with many reporting that it doesn't work as advertised. While there have been successful cases where users received the free scan after following the necessary steps, it appears that the app's recent changes and potential bugs may be contributing to inconsistent results. If you're encountering difficulties, it's recommended to verify your friends' actions, tap the redeem button, and consider inviting five friends in accordance with the updated requirements.

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