Freeform app error - requires iOS 16.2 or later

so I just want to try out this new viral app from Apple which is called freeform bring your ideas to live this is like a new sketching app uh from Apple and it's actually it's pretty good it's well done it's in top charts right now where you can create all these sketches and then you can just collaborate with other people via message audio video and then just insert some notes some other files insert from your files insert links scan some objects uh and then uh yeah either work it use it for yourself or create a shared board for like for school for work for office and it's kind of like a a much more advanced drawing extension for the notes app uh but yeah for some reason when I try to download it it just says it requires iOS 16.2 or later and when I try to use Touch ID or face ID whatever it's just goes in but then it just says this application requires a 16.2 or later you must update to IR 16.2 in order to download and use this application so yeah there you have it unfortunately it's not possible to get it right now so you need to have IOS 16.2 and I think you can install it starting from our iPhone 8 I think and of course all the newer iPhones it's it's not gonna work on iOS 16.0 so you need to go to your settings app and upgrade

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