Friends invite doesn’t work in Step up app

Users of the Step Up app have been reporting an issue with the friend invite feature not functioning properly. A video transcript reveals that attempts to invite friends via a shared link redirect them to the App Store without any further action, suggesting a bug within the app.

Additionally, the ability to search for friends via usernames within the app seems to be disabled, limiting the options for inviting friends. The suggested workaround provided in the transcript is to create a new group within the app and share the group link for friends to join.

To address the problem with inviting friends on the Step Up app, users are advised to follow these steps:

  1. First, attempt to invite friends directly via the invite link.
  2. If the direct invite does not work, create a group within the app and invite friends to join the group using the group link located in the top right corner.

Should both methods fail to enable friend invitations successfully, it is likely that the app is experiencing technical issues that prevent friend invites through search or username functions. Users are encouraged to provide feedback in the app reviews section in the hope that developers will address and resolve the invitation feature problem.

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