FUT 22 WEB APP how to start using?

hey there so this is a fifa website for 22. so eo.com and then here you can launch this fifa ultimate team web app so just like this there's also an app on app store google play so yeah and then you can just style your stadium select the ultimate team and just like make your gaming experience much better um so yeah you just need to launch basically web app from here and you can use it in the browser i think it's also available on your mobile phone or just on a laptop so you can just do it from here then you can just do like getting started but to get started i think you need to have fifa 22 on your console and then you need to have the credentials and all of that and then you need to log in with here with your er account and all of that so just log in uh to fifa 22 on your controller pc create a food club and security question your open fifa 22 companion app and start your fut journey so that that's what you need to do to start using food 22 above i think yeah if you have additional questions or comments just leave it below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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