Gamma app - full overview & how to use

hey everyone so here is trending gamma app I was just curious to see what exactly this is as you can see it's number one and product hunt today it's trending in searches what it says write like a dog present like a deck the Battle Force boss walls is the closest scene to time travel fast forward from talk to deck so here as you can see some preview that you can start writing some document but then is just being created uh uh yes I have our spanned formatting boxes to fit on a slide because flexible cars and fluid layouts that expand as you add new blocks so yeah gamma allows me to package up information in ways I can't fix slides but while still creating good flow for my presentations so here you can also creating polish slice gets really tedious especially aligning boxes and keeping seeing some brands with gamma I can get things done so much faster present like a deck share like a dog notion with canva is the best way to think about Gamma apps so okay let's just try it for free I got intrigued definitely so let's see what are the options are here so here you have so you can sign up with Google sign up to start using camera you'll be able to view edit and share text in your own workspace then I just need to create a workspace it just depends team or company or personal I can switch the settings letters focus on content ready in one click present like a deck or share like a duck so yeah they already have it uh so now you have all these customizable templates um foreign okay so company All Hands meeting for example and I'm just copying deck I'm just trying to figure out the main like use case for for this app so for example I'm working a company manager and I just try to create like a presentation for All Hands meeting should I do it like usually it would just do like some slideshow like you know in uh uh and keynote or like PowerPoint here you can just write it so seems like it's just kind of uh still a presentation app but it feels more like uh like a document so it doesn't feel like PowerPoints like you need to create a presentation and sometimes it's like so hard here you just keep typing uh and then you can you can present that so okay let's just create a new deck just let's start from the scratch to see what I can do here and then what I can do card options change Style add background copy card link then I can select different styles I can select different grid you can select style I can add image I can add some diagram or I can add some gifi foreign now you can add it here now I don't want any more keeps uh I can add some okay videos as well so you can see YouTube email Vista Tick Tock Spotify and but and what's this one then I can also embed web page or app Mirror tweet figma Google Drive so yeah I can do that uh like then I can insert another card and then I can also just present I can switch to present View I can see some keyboard shortcuts previous next card previous Next Step close card so yeah this is kind of and then you just present that like like a dog or like a presentation but yeah it's kind of look like a presentation but in fact you are working like with an ocean so yeah okay I think maybe I'm start to getting it um yeah so you just basically work like like with an ocean but then it's it's just much more easier to convert this document into into presentation seen a really interesting uh idea on the on the march of two areas because yeah usually you create like an ocean dock or something then you need to spend time to to convert that into PowerPoint presentation so it's kind of really interesting yeah so that's basically the idea then you can see you can export spdf you can duplicate you can see some analytics history you can share it you can invite other people at collaborators um yeah so that's basically that uh you have workspace um then you can just go to settings can invite people I'm just curious to know uh like what would be the pricing here so here is the the pricing and because it is actually free during better but then it will be ten dollars per user monthly but just because it's just launched on product hunt it's getting some hype and attention and clicks that just they just made it like free per user monthly so definitely use this chance I think it's amazing app especially if you're working in team and you're involved in a lot of presentations it's a cool app to check out of course if you like keynot or I don't know slides or like some other slides PowerPoint app probably app is not for you but if you don't want to spend time to create a dog and then convert that to PowerPoint or spend less time doing that try out this app

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