GAS app - can you see who liked you with a GOD MODE if other person also using God mode?

How does god mode work on gas?

You need a God mode in Gas app to see who liked you or answered a poll about you.

To upgrade to God mode, just go to your inbox and tap "See who likes you".

With God mode you get two things:

  • unlimited hints - reveal the first letter of a first name
  • 2 reveals per week - reveal the full name of a person

Does god mode gas make you anonymous?

Yes, but only if you enable anonymous/ghost mode in Settings.

If you don't enable additional ghost mode settings, your anwers in polls will still be visible.

Can you see who liked you with a GOD MODE if other person also using God mode?

I've just created a video about how to help you with finding out who liked you. The way to do it through the app is just you need to upgrade to the God Mode. That's like a paid subscription and then the person who sent you flames should be revealed. But can a God Mode help if another God Mode likes them?

Seems if you upgrade to this God Mode, it has 100% anonymous mode. Meaning if another God Mode liked you and you have a God Mode, you still can't reveal who liked you. That's just important aspect.

There still can be people who liked you and you just won't be able to reveal them because they are themselves in the God Mode. That's how I understand the logic of this app.

So, if you upgraded to God mode, but person who answered the poll is also using the God mode, you won't be able to reveal them...

It's pretty interesting. Basically means if you upgrade into God Mode, you can vote and you still will preserve 100% anonymity. What to do in that case? Well, I have no idea what you can do.

In other apps like NGL, for example, you'll using sharing that link on Instagram story and at least you can see on Instagram analytics who viewed that story and stuff like that.

How to tell if someone has god mode on gas?

You can't tell if someone has a god mode in gas by going to their profile. There is no specific tag or label.

Only if you try to reveal who liked you, there will be a ghost icon in the top right - meaning that person has a god mode. But, you can't tell who it is...

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