GAS app - can you see who liked you with a GOD MODE if other person also using God mode?

so here's interesting observation I'm just exploring gazab here trying to get into all details for you guys um so this viewer is asking um so I'm just created a video about how to how to help you with finding out who liked you so the way to do it through the app is just you need to upgrade to the god mode so that's like a price subscription and then the person who sent you Flames should be revealed but if if can a god mode help if another goat mode likes them interesting question so seems uh if you upgrade to this God mode it has a hundred percent an anonymous mode so meaning if another God mode liked you and you have a god mode you still can't reveal who liked you so that's just important aspect so there still can be people who liked you and you just won't be able to reveal them because they are themselves in the god mode so that's how I understand the logic of this app like it's pretty interesting so basically means if you're upgrading to God mode you can vote and you still will preserve hundred percent anonymity so what to do in that case well I have no idea what you can do um like in other apps like Angel for example you are using you're sharing that link on Instagram story and at least you can see on Instagram analytics who viewed that story and stuff like that here is just everything that works inside of this gas app and that's it uh so you don't have any additional app or any additional analytics or some data to look at who at least were participating in this polls and stuff like that so there you have it uh yeah

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