so here's an overview of guys app so here is how the balls look like um so what is that so basically you have some of your contacts from your school being added into these polls and then you can just Shuffle and then you can just um answer those polls um and then you just answering those uh something like that and then you just continue answering this box then you have your profile and basically and you have inbox tab so in box tab it's where you will see if someone is speaking you this is your inbox and a girl from ninth grade PQ one people PQ you will get a message here so that's basically how it works um so yeah and you will see Flames here um so yeah you will see like purple or blue uh Flames meaning that someone picked you as I just show you an example and then you will see yeah just a gender and great so like a boy from 10th grade a girl from ninth grade picked you and this is your inbox so yeah something around that and then uh yeah you will be able to to guess and then like how do you do that so after that you just need a god mode so you need to have a subscription available so if you have a god mode in the bottom here you will actually be able to upgrade and see the first letter who Walters for you in that poll so that's one of the way to do it and if someone answered a poll about you for two times uh that is the god mode you'll be able to see the like the full name I guess but the thing is if the other person if the person who's creating polls actually use the god mode then you won't be able to to reveal them then that's uh yeah that's unfortunate but that's how it works and then yeah this is how the balls look like you can shuffle them you can then see your profile you can share profile you can see your school you can add friends um you can edit your profile here edit your username gender you can see uh something like that you can see it's cool and then you can manage account if you want you can delete your account from here names and balls you can decide which friends would you like to see on pause everyone my great boys and girls you can also reduce notifications if you are a bit too annoyed you can hide top flames take a break from gas um yeah so you can do that change your profile picture and then yeah here you have also how it works so answer post about frames about friends and get friends when peaked FAQ and then you'll hear your your gesture directed to their FAQ uh website so yeah you can add your friends from your phone contacts automatically when you just create an account on the gas app you will see all your fun contacts being synced uh then you will be suggested friends by France by school by searching username um yeah and to see who answers a poll about you uh then you need to upgrade as I said um also Flames are pink when a girl picks You Blue on the boy picks you and purple when a non-binary person picks you um and they claim that all the polls are and messages are real every single poll you receive is sent by your friends classmates or contacts you will never have to generate messages so unlike other apps like NGL not gonna lie app Send It app uh and in those apps they do confirm that they send both questions and some of some of those messages are not real and they're just AI generated messages here they claim everything is real um so but still be careful you can't be 100 sure the answer is like a god mode what I told like it's a subscription that unlocks these features unlimited hints to bonus reveals double coins Crush alerts Anonymous mode that's what you can get and then why isn't good mod free of course it's not free it's a subscription so to upgrade to God mode you can just tap the button see who likes you on your inbox or inside of a ball you have received um so there you have it so you can remove friends uh uh so that's basically that you can report people uh how do how do you remove contacts from your post until you have four friends who use your contacts as placeholders in the pulse so you can still play the game don't worry select a constantly the poll doesn't accept that a text message you'll never send text without your permission if you'd like to remove contacts from your post just add more friends so that's what happened in my case as you can see I just created an account and I see my like front contacts being displayed in the app so yeah uh you can easily log out and delete your account uh so sometimes you can be removed from your school if you sign up with your own school and you need to be at least 13 years old to use gas app basically this is just like an FAQ you can always tap to get help to add school to to profile um so change my grade change my name change my gender so you can tap that reported bug something else like purchase and code mode and then you can just email and then uh yeah you can always email with that specific issue uh yeah it's if you change your uh a gender name or grade I guess you can only do it once god mode is also not available for all accounts right now so if you don't have god mode it's a bit unfortunate at that moment uh so yeah that's basically that um yeah so then you can just go to profile again you can see your school you can see your grade and then you can just add friends here uh invite invite people to play from from some of your contacts um or you can just add uh friends like that um so yep I hope it can be helpful and this is the app super viral but it's super easy to use super minimalistic as you can see this is this is what it is and like how how to know who liked you uh in the polls who sent flamesters that's the core question like first of course you know uh the great and you know um so here's for example you will know the great and you will know the gender like girl in ninth grade PQ so if in your school the gas app is not that popular and you know there are like 50 people participating in polls that already can narrow your search to like you know five girls or like five boys or like uh yeah just depending who liked you and and then you know the the grade also so you know like in 10th grade this person did it so it can be like up to five people then maybe you have even a narrower a number of people then maybe you can guess without the upgrading but of course usually you need to upgrade to God mode where it will be revealed the first name of the person who liked you and then probably you can guess or if the person like to select that you impulse many times then if you have a god mode you will be able to see the full name but yeah again god mode is not available for everyone um so yeah um that's basically that uh yeah only the case if the other person who voted in the polls is also using God mode then you won't be able to reveal that person because God mode is 100 anonymous um so yeah like unfortunately Gaza app is not available everywhere right now in the world it's on the United States in specific States not in the whole country even so in specific schools so it's like it's growing among other schools um hopefully it will be available in in more places in more States soon hopefully it will available worldwide I will be adding more more and more schools um yeah and more features because yeah this app is built by some like pretty well-known Founders in Silicon Valley who build some other previous pretty successful apps for teenagers so probably yeah hopefully this will be a huge app and there are a lot of hawks about these apps guys app is not safe like yeah going to that point that it's it everyone knows that this is not some like unknown developer company who built it people know who who built it there is like a small team but everyone knows them on Twitter so I don't I'm not sure they will put all their reputation just to create some scam app or something like that or to sell it to sell your data but like you you can't be 100 sure I I tend to agree that this is just a hoax that this app is actually pretty safe to use and it's pretty fun but yeah just of course you can't be hundred hundred percent sure like you don't know what's happening you can see recent developments with FTX it's like yeah I was when everyone was thinking it's like such a great company but anyhow this is the guys app definitely give it a try definitely download if you're in a high school in us and have fun

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