GAS APP - HOW IT WORKS? Quick overview

hello everyone so super quick tutorial about gas app so how it works so basically you answer polls about friends in your high school and then um you get Flames when you're picked so here is guys app um I just created an account so it's only available in United States actually at the moment in few states of us hopefully it it will go Global but yeah here you have um just created an account and when you don't have any friends yet you will see your contacts from your iPhone contact book appearing so yeah you can shuffle them to to have real people appear you need to add at least four friends but anyhow this is how you answer a poll here and then just tap continue so you answer a poll about your friends in your high school and yeah uh your friend will receive flame if if you pick him or her and the same works for you your friends also answering polls and you are included in their polls if you're a friend and then you have inbox tab where if you are picked you will receive something like that you will get a flame this is your inbox when people pick you you'll get a message here and then what you will see you will see that the gender and the grade um so for example girl in the ninth grade PQ but obviously yeah you don't know who exactly did this and to know who liked you in the gas app uh in the bottom you will see an option to see who liked me and it means you need to upgrade to the god mode which is like 6.99 dollars per month or per week something like that it's not available yet to all users but it's just there um and then yeah then you can select that um and then basically if someone works for you you receive a flame um you will with the god mode you will see the first letter of the first name of that person then if that person works for you in the polls two times you will see just the full name yeah so that's basically you just need to upgrade you can add your friends here in the top left um so you have friends of friends you can have friends from school also you can invite people from your contact list you have 10 invitations um yeah Max and then you can just invite them via some messaging app then you have uh again pulse then you have your profile uh on your profile you have a username full name you can change your profile picture here first last name username gender as I've read on their support side um it is possible to change full name uh gender your school great but you can only do it once as I understand otherwise then it won't be possible also then you have manage account if you want less noise from Gaza app you can reduce notifications you can also hide top Flames meaning yeah it won't be visible take a break from gas probably you will receive less notifications maybe it will pause your profile then there is interesting setting like which fronts you want to see on the on the polls everyone here you can unblock or unhide everyone and in the bottom you can just tap to delete an account um so yeah then there is a feature called coins so how do you get more coins you just answer posts about your friends to win coins and then if you have a lot of coins you you can enable this feature to get your name on two random Poll for 100 coins or you can put your name anonymously on your crash ball so if you have a crash in your high school just put your name on their Poll for 300 coins and then you will discover if he or she has a crush on you as well so it's pretty cool and then also you can just share your profile copy a link to it uh you can share it on Snapchat Instagram whatever you want if you have a link and that's basically it so that's the point uh so yeah make sure to add your friends from the school answer the polls a lot and then you will get more flames and the more you answering the pulse you will get more coins and then you can spend those coins to appear in more polls get more flames and so on so that goes the circle so that's the app uh yeah as I said there is also despite version which is called God mode it's not available yet for everyone it's still a lot of stuff is here it's in a better version um should be rolled out pretty soon it's only in United States uh you can only sign up if you ask I think you asked mobile number only works properly otherwise you will have some bugs uh yeah at this moment um yep so that's that's the super quick overview hope it gave you an idea what this app is about thank you for watching

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