GAS app - name/school/grade “can’t be changed anymore” - what you can do?

so if you go to your profile and tap edit profile and try to to change for example your last name or school or grade you can see this message sorry you already changed your last name uh it can't be changed anymore so this is the message yeah you can see and I was reading in their support documentation that in the in the Gaza app you're allowed to change your first last name school and grade only once otherwise um yeah you will need to reach out to their support so it's possible to change like right now I can change my grade Okay so I can't change it anymore or I can change my school so uh yeah as you can see then I I'm not able to change it anymore but what I can do I can go to about in the top right so I go back to your profile page and tap on about in top right and then I can just have got help and then from here I can tap change my name and then I will need to write an email but then this email will probably take weeks to respond so does that

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