GAS app - sender used God mode - this poll cannot be revealed

so if you open gas app and you see this that this ball cannot be revealed the sender used guard mode to send it anonymously uh yeah so that basically it it just means that so what and you have a god mode yourself and you see that someone you got the flame and someone wrote it to you for you you can reveal that the first letter and you can get a hint but uh like if the person who created the poll or who like voted in the poll um itself used god mode they also can't be revealed because God mode also gives like 100 anonymity so then you will see this ghost icon in the in the top right so as you can see here here is this ghost icon and if you tap on that you will see that this ball cannot be revealed and then you don't you also won't be seen like uh god mode upgrade button in the bottom so there will be no button let me just show you I just took a screenshot so yeah in the bottom you will now you won't be able to see guard mode button so that's that uh hope that's helpful

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