so here is Gaza and let's just go really quickly how to use this app especially if you heard about it but you have no idea what it does so super easy app like just join your high school so you need to be 13 years plus and you need to be starting in your ass high school it's only available in United States at this moment join your high school add your friends answer posts about your friends and your friends answering posts about you meaning that you are one of the four people in Nepal and then you get Flames when you are peaked and then of course you want to guess who voltage first that's it so uh for example this this can be the questions like should DJ every party who do you secretly admire and all of that their smile makes my heart melt all these types of balls the questions are not all the time romantic or anything but they have a hint towards that so here's the app it's only available in US you can sign up with U.S phone number and then you just see these people and you just walk through them so you can Shuffle if you don't want to and then there are high then you just vote for someone and just tap continue uh then you have inbox in your top left where if someone uh voted for you in those polls so you worked for other people and other people work for you and if someone voted for you you just see that that some girl or boy in some great product for you and in this poll so in a free version you can see uh that uh gender it's a girl boy or uh which grade it can be nine stance Elam is great for example and then of course you want to see who sent it so just tap in the bottom and then you will need to upgrade to the god mode uh yeah so God mode is not yet available for everyone but if you see that button you can just upgrade to the god mode it's 6.99 per week dollars so it's not cheap and then you just activated that and then after you upgraded to God mode you will be able to see hints like what's their first letter in the in the first name so you will know that's like a boy from times great or whatever and the first letter is a voted for you in this poll and then you probably can reveal or you can see the full name tab here but then you only have two reveals per week meaning if you want to completely see the full name you can tap on that orange button but you can only do it two times per week and that's that basically after it you can reveal who voted for you there are exceptions though so if someone else also is using God mode so if the person holds you in a poll is using God mode and you are using God mode uh you won't be able to reveal them then here you can reply on Snapchat or Instagram you can see all your flames also there is activity tab so all your friends you can see who worked for them anonymously or in which polls they are picked then there's front tab on the left where you can search for friends or friends you can add friends from your school you can invite people from your contact book you can search for uh username so you can do that there is your inbox there are polls there is your profile where you can see your top flames you can go to friends profiles you can see the art of lamps you can block or report them uh also there is coins so coins uh you can boost your name in the post if you want to appear in pause more often and get more flames you just go with coins how do you get more coins answer reports about your friends to win coins so it's like a circle if you spend the time on the app and you're answering a lot of pause you'll get more coins and if you have the god mode you would get 2x more more coins and then for example if you were to get want to get your name on through random pause just you need to pay 100 coins or put your name in a crash ball 300 coins that's that here's your profile um there's your username your full name you can change your personal info here but you can only do it once like if you want to change your school you can only do it once then you will need to reach out to support then just manage your account settings you can hide top Flames from your profile you can take a pause from Gaza app reduce notification this is the anonymous mod I was talking about like so if someone has a god mode you can enable this if you have a god mode and enable this Anonymous mode and answer about someone in the poll other person won't be able to reveal you ever even if they have god mode enabled then you can have all these additional settings you can block and block people and then you can delete account in the bottom you can also log out here and yeah that's basically that that's the super quick idea of the app so have fun uh there are so many rumors like is this app safe or not like other all the fake questions or not all their Bots like I have no idea about all of that this is just like an overview to uh if you want to try out this app so go give a try and thank you for watching uh see in the next videos

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