GEN GEMATRIA CALCULATOR app - overview & how to use?

Church gmatra app on iPhone so let's just install it and see how it's it's working so you can see the size here just use your touch ID to install and then yeah you can see that you can research your Matra and numerology is a mobile optimized user experience it's made from the founders of website geometry easily input different size text blocks with single line word mode show any number of accessible values uh streamline your interface so yeah there you have it so something like that and then here is just the app s and then you can see a chart of letter values and then you can just save it this snapshot so yeah that's about it um yeah so something like that that's in an app so that's kind of interesting hmm and then we can also just explore what's that means um so so that's basically that so the practice of assigning numerical value um uh to a name word of race according to an alphanumerical C for a single word can yield several values depending on the C4 which is used um so it's using in a lot of cases in a lot of like you know subcultures or just people have some theories and all of that and it's it can be fun uh there are different types of it there are different settings and of course yeah if you want to discover some value of some of some fries you can just see it here uh so there is Pythagorean geometry reverse simple simple English reverse Pythagorean and yeah so yeah something around that um that's how it it works um you can see also some other settings so yeah it's kind of fun apps that you don't need to go to some website you can just have it right in the app um so yeah in case you were looking for it this is the app that's how it looks like you don't need to create an account you don't need to upgrade super super easy fast

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