here is Genie AI chatbot app it's it's pretty popular as you can see it's in top charts and productivity however keep in mind this is not official GPT app um yep as you can see also being is trending so Genie is just using openai API and it has like chat GPT 3 version while on the official release it's a 3.5 but open AI doesn't have apps this right now it's does it's not available so yeah here is the app and then you can just tap to open it up how it looks like it's very similar to chat GPT on the browser but it's just an app so if you don't like to use stuff in the browser and you just prefer an app it's just much easier to use the app actually however yeah again the model is a bit less advanced than an official website so here you have all of these settings you can just follow them there are multiple languages available it's not only English you can just select them here there are there is a free version and paid version free version to be honest quite Limited but we'll get to that later um so here you can enable or disable voice there is help and then there are some other other apps from this developer so here you have basically three options you can either generate AI art with another app and then here you can participate in dialogue so to participate in dialogue you need to upgrade but in what you can do in a free version you can just ask a question when you ask a question you can just only ask once so just be careful then you can't engage in dialogue and continue or just do something more advanced so yeah that's the difference between paid version and free version so here you can just uh uh yeah you can see explain write translate write an email get recipes solve this Mass problem get try a song write a poem so yeah for example like this and then it's just takes some time by the way you can disable or enable sound in top right or you can just disable that and then you can easily copy all the results as you can see it just takes time to compute the answer uh uh so yeah something like that it's pretty cool it's even rhymed sometimes but then if you want to ask a new question um that the previous question will be just deleted so that's like a disadvantage because sometimes you just want to add some additional question and figure out what's what's right what's wrong and yeah it's just uh doesn't work in a free version so then to your upgrade you need to go to dialogue and here you can see the options so of course they push you to upgrade to Advanced version which is 99.99 per year there is three day free trials and 6.99 per week unlimited questions and answers part by chatgpt dialogues and it remembers chat history higher word limit then there is a pro version unlimited questions answers try three days free and then there is light version just part by jgpt higher World limit limited questions and answers and it's only 99 19.99 per year um so here you can just upgrade and then you can just upgrade with iTunes and then cancel anytime to cancel it probably you will need to go through the sub Settings app and find subscriptions there and cancel there um so yeah that's basically an idea um hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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