Genie - AI chatbot - quick app overview

here is interesting app called Genie AI chatbot the ultimate AI assistant part by Chad GPT it's what it says it's part by chat GPT model gpt3 uh Jenny app can do all of that but keep in mind it's not an official open AI app so to access official chat GPT and open AI you need to you need to go to and then find out chatgpt they still don't have neither Android neither IOS app so you need to use this kind of apps which again are not official ones but if they're using open AI API of course that can be at least helpful so then here you have just an overview you have access to unlimited questions and answers yeah but if only if you upgrade upgrade 99 dollars per year seven dollars per week of course if you upgrade to yearly plan it's much cheaper and then here you can just start questions get into dialogue and then here you just have all of these accounts also you can just generate AI art hello so here for example you can just ask questions if you want uh yeah so you can try stuff like that and it's pretty uh similar to chat GPT and yeah you can just play with it I don't know of course maybe it's not that powerful as your GPT because it's based on GPT 3 Model so probably open aisle already 3.5 or I don't know something around that but anyhow this just gives you a good suggestion

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