Get new poses in SnapChat - dual bitmoji

Snapchat users may have noticed a new feature involving bitmoji poses in the app. When accessing a friend's profile, users may come across dual bitmoji poses that serve as avatars within the app. While these poses can sometimes be appealing, there are instances where users may find them lacking. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no option to change these poses manually. Users will have to wait for an automatic update from Snapchat, which typically occurs within a day.

This new feature showcases the integration of bitmoji poses into Snapchat profiles, offering a creative way to personalize user interactions within the app. Despite the limitation of not being able to select or modify these poses, the feature adds a novel dimension to the user experience.

Here's a breakdown of the information shared in the video transcript:

  • Snapchat users can find new bitmoji poses when viewing a friend's profile in the app.
  • These bitmoji poses function as dual avatars, enhancing user interactions.
  • While users may find some poses appealing, they currently do not have the ability to change them manually.
  • Updates to these bitmoji poses are automatically pushed by Snapchat within a day of viewing.
  • The lack of customization options may be a downside for users looking to personalize their profiles further.
  • Despite this limitation, the feature adds a unique touch to user profiles and interactions on Snapchat.

As Snapchat continues to evolve its features and offerings, users can look forward to potential updates that may address the ability to customize bitmoji poses in the future. Stay tuned for further developments and enhancements in the app's functionality.

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