Ghost Message app - quick overview

here's ghost message app it's kind of started to hit some charts uh charts in the in the social media category so let's just explore what this app is and what it does uh sorry I'll just enable this um so yeah this is the app for like ghost messaging so the idea is that you're creating a group chat then you need to invite your friends and then you can just enable ghost mode ghost messages are Anonymous now one including ghost knows the origin of the message we run ghost messages through spam and anti-bullying models we have zero tolerance policy and then you can just write a message here and you're in the in the chat with friends so there can be you know like 15 people in the chat and you just start chatting anonymously nobody knows who is sending what and then you can reply copy and then probably you can reveal who uh uh you can only send like 10 ghost messages the 10 one ghost question you can reveal message uh While others reveal your message you know who revealed it so you only have one one reveal uh and then guess who and see how much your friends know about you so you can also do that so it's another interesting concept so yeah that's what you can do right now and there are a few other things coming a few other super powers then you can send also photos and Gifts here of course you can add members invite members band your mute leave chat and then here is the app and then you can just enable ghost mode here ghosted online status then there is Ghost Protocol strict strikes will cause ghost mode and message all to be disabled and yeah then you can just leave feedback log out and all of that you can also delete an account if you want and then you can connect wallet I don't know why maybe you can all right so if you want to display uh nft as your profile picture you can also do that by connecting your wallet you can change your username here so yeah that's basically the idea so it's similar to all of this uh popular uh anonymous apps these days like NGL app or gas app or anything like that like there are a lot of like you know anonymous apps which are quite popular these days uh so yeah that's the idea uh so definitely interesting app to discover yeah I don't know what else to to say right now just like create a group you can create a group there was also some message around that uh you can use it with chat GPT or you can use charge GPT in this Anonymous chat um don't know how to invite that or use it or sometimes might be if you are chatting with friends one of the messages can be sent by chat GPT that's what they sent in the description I guess message anonymously with friends and charging between group chats God's question asked GPT any question right inside your chat with friends okay so interesting app probably it went viral on Tick Tock or something like that and then it's like you know in the top charts let's see if it remains there but definitely a cool idea uh so give it a try

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